Are Lap-Band Results Permanent?

Are Lap-Band Results Permanent?

To support your weight loss goals, you may be considering Lap-Band® surgery and have questions about what to expect in the long-term.

At OakBend Medical Group, our team of bariatric surgeons offer Lap-Band surgeries to help you lose excess weight and keep it off for good. Christopher Reilly, MD, FACS, Dr. Thomas, and Genna Lubrano, MD, help prepare you for your surgery and provide ongoing support, so you can achieve your weight loss goals.

One of the most common questions we get asked is if the Lap-Band offers permanent results.

What to know about Lap-Band surgery

Lap-Band (laparoscopic gastric band) is a treatment option for obesity in people who can’t achieve a healthy body weight through lifestyle changes, a healthy diet, and regular exercise.

The surgery involves the placement of a silicone band around your stomach that reduces its size. After your procedure, you will feel fuller sooner after eating so you can lose weight gradually.

Eating too much food or certain types of food can also make a person feel sick, so they will become more mindful about not overeating and making healthier food choices.

When you reach your target weight, our team removes the gastric band during another surgery. Over time, the bands can break down and if you don’t have it removed, it can cause potentially serious health complications. You can also have the band removed if you’re no longer interested in the treatment.

Evaluating the results of Lap-Band surgery

Many people lose the most amount of weight during the first 12 months after Lap-Band surgery when the band is still in place.  

Our team at Oakbend Medical Group works closely with you before, during, and after your surgery to optimize your results. They teach you how to make better food choices while you’re using the band, so you can maintain your results in the long-term.

Even though the Lap-Band limits how much you can eat, there are still certain foods that are high in fat and calories that can cause a weight increase. 

If you don’t follow through with long-term lifestyle changes concerning your diet and exercise routine, there is a chance the weight you lost will come back.

Benefits beyond weight loss

While the Lap-Band isn’t right for everyone, it can help some achieve the results they want to improve their appearance and their long-term health.

Our team will evaluate your options for treatment during your weight loss consultation and can discuss the benefits and challenges of each type of bariatric surgery before helping you make the most informed decision.

In addition to the effective weight loss benefits Lap-Band offers, this type of bariatric surgery can also support your long-term health. The weight you lose over the course of your treatment can significantly reduce your risk factors for obesity-related health issues like:

If you’re not a candidate for Lap-Band surgery due to underlying health issues or because you need to lose a large amount of weight, our team can discuss your options for other types of bariatric surgery, including the Orbera® intragastric balloon, gastric sleeve surgery, and gastric bypass.

Call OakBend Medical Group today to schedule a Lap-Band consultation or book an appointment online to learn more. 

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