Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery might be the solution you need to achieve needed weight loss when diets and exercise aren’t doing enough.

At OakBend Medical Group, experienced bariatric surgeons, Christopher Reilly, MD, FACS, Steven M. Thomas, MD, FACS, and Genna Lubrano, MD, offer surgical consultations to determine if you’re a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery.

What to expect during gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure that focuses on reducing the size of your stomach. Our bariatric surgeons remove about nine-tenths of your stomach and form a smaller pouch to hold food with the portion that remains.

The resulting pouch, or sleeve, is about the size of a banana. When you eat, the sleeve will only hold a small portion of food, so you’ll feel fuller faster.

Following gastric sleeve surgery, you can enjoy effective weight loss and a number of other benefits that will ultimately support better health and a higher quality of life.

The many benefits of gastric sleeve surgery

In addition to weight loss, gastric sleeve surgery offers numerous benefits. Just take a look at how much better your life can become! 

Long-term appetite changes

Gastric sleeve surgery changes the size of your stomach, but it also has an impact on the hormones that influence your appetite. During your gastric sleeve procedure, your surgeon removes a portion of your stomach that produces the appetite-stimulating hormones. This means you’ll be less inclined to over eat and reach a healthy body weight more efficiently.

Increased vitality

Significant weight loss gives you more energy to boost your physical activity and support your weight loss results. As you head toward a healthy body weight, you’ll physically feel stronger and more energetic and emotionally feel happier and more positive.

Reduced risk for chronic disease

Being obese puts a strain on your joints and major organs. Excess weight also puts you at increased risk for chronic pain and a number of chronic diseases. Losing even a small amount of weight can significantly reduce your risk factors for conditions like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Determining your candidacy for gastric sleeve surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is an option for people who are overweight or obese and aren’t able to lose weight with diet and lifestyle changes.

Our bariatric surgeons at OakBend Medical Group can determine if a gastric sleeve is right for you by reviewing your medical history, your existing health, and your weight loss goals. They might recommend this type of surgery if you’re overweight and struggling to manage chronic health issues like:

You also need to be willing and able to make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle to achieve your weight loss goals. This will involve making healthy food choices, following a daily exercise plan, and being proactive about your general health.

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to effective weight loss and better health, call OakBend Medical Group or book an appointment online today. 

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