How to Maintain Your Weight Loss Surgery Results During the Holidays

After you’ve recovered from your bariatric surgery and learned how to improve your diet for continued weight loss success, along comes the holidays.

Experienced weight loss surgeon Christopher Reilly, MD, FACS, knows how the pressure of holiday gatherings and family feasts can get to you. Dr. Reilly not only provides customized care before and during your weight loss surgery journey, but he also continues to work with you to overcome the hurdles of maintaining your results.

Here are some effective tips for staying the course and maintaining your weight loss surgery results through the holidays and beyond. 

Remember the basics

Even in the earliest days after weight loss surgery, you begin learning what you need to do to stay healthy and keep losing weight.

When you’re attending holiday gatherings that change up your routine, stick to the basics of healthy eating. Focus on your portion control and pay attention to what and how much you’re eating.

Find your support system

The people you surround yourself with can help keep you on track to a healthier life, but they can also contribute to a backslide on your weight loss success.

Designate a few friends or family members to lean on when it gets tough to resist the holiday temptations. You may even be the encouragement they need to work toward their own weight loss goals.

Practice mindful eating

While you don’t need to deprive yourself totally of some celebratory food, you should be mindful of your eating habits.

In addition to watching your portions, take time to really enjoy the food you’re eating by chewing slowly and savoring the flavors of different foods.

Socialize away from the food

When gathering socially, keep the conversation away from the food tables. When you’re having a good time, it’s easy to start mindlessly grazing on nearby food.

Constant grazing can make it difficult to remember the rules about portion control and choosing healthy food options.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water is important for your general health, but it can also help you curb food cravings and stay on track with a healthy diet.

You should also substitute plain water for sugar drinks and alcohol. These beverages are loaded with empty calories and can dehydrate you. 

Alcohol can also affect you in different ways than before you had weight loss surgery, such as getting drunk faster than before or only needing a small amount of alcohol to feel its effects.

Bring your own options

If you’re unsure about the food choices that will be available at holiday parties, pack your own food in advance.

Bring some fresh vegetables to munch on instead of visiting the food table and create a healthy entrée or dessert you can share with the rest of the party.

Keep moving

A season of holiday parties can disrupt your usual exercise regimen. Make sure you keep moving as much as possible, especially if you’re dining out more often than usual.

Plan to exercise earlier in the day, so you’re not too tired after an evening event. When you’re always on the go during the holiday rush, schedule more exercise into your day. You can take walks during your lunch hour or park your car farther away from the shops to keep you moving.

If you need help managing life after weight loss surgery or are considering bariatric surgery in the near future, schedule a consultation with Dr. Reilly by calling West Houston Surgical Associates or by requesting an appointment online today.

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