The Importance of Emotional Support After Weight Loss Surgery

The Importance of Emotional Support After Weight Loss Surgery

If you’re planning to have bariatric surgery for weight loss, it’s important that you line up both physical and emotional support before your procedure. While a highly effective way to lose weight, bariatric surgery does come with challenges you need to prepare for, so you have what you need during your recovery.

At OakBend Medical Group, our experienced weight loss surgeons offer comprehensive care before, during, and after your bariatric surgery. We can also help you secure the support you need to address your emotional health as you heal from your procedure.

The emotional toll of bariatric surgery

Before you even have surgery, you may be feeling unsure or nervous about the procedure ahead. Having supportive family members or friends can help you get ready for your gastric sleeve, gastric balloon, or gastric bypass surgery, so you feel more confident in your decision.

Once your bariatric surgery is complete, there are specific challenges that you should be aware of, including:

You may also struggle with feelings about your ability to make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes that weight loss surgery requires.

The emotions of others

People who undergo bariatric surgery may also face challenges dealing with their loved one’s emotions about their weight loss journey.

Concern about what people think of your decision can negatively affect your recovery. You may also face very personal questions about your decision to have surgery that are difficult to answer.

Some people feel that those who undergo weight loss surgery are taking the easy way out and are very judgmental about the decision to move forward with the procedure.

Benefits of a strong support system

Because bariatric surgery involves major changes in your overall life, it’s essential that you’re surrounded by loved ones who genuinely support your decision. The more support you have, the better change you have at a faster, more efficient recovery.

Some of the benefits of a strong support system after weight loss surgery include positive reinforcement about your decision to improve your self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

Your support system can also help keep you on track with the lifestyle and diet changes you need to make to support weight loss. In the initial days after your surgery, they can help you prepare meals and assist with the exercises you should do to expedite your recovery.

In the long-term, friends and family can also help you stay on course with the changes you’re making, so you will feel stronger and ready to enjoy your new life as a slimmer, healthier person. They can also be instrumental in helping you find new activities that support a physically active lifestyle.

Where to find support

Besides your family and friends, there are people you can turn to for support after weight loss surgery. If you’re unable to find people close to you that are able to positively support your recovery, our bariatric specialists can help.

We can refer you to area support groups or online groups that are made up of people who’ve also been through surgery. These people are especially good at recognizing the emotional challenges that come up with bariatric surgery, so you’re better prepared to overcome them.

Our team also provides ongoing support to help you improve your physical health and your quality of life long after surgery.

To schedule a diagnostic evaluation for bariatric surgery, call OakBend Medical Group today or book a consultation online. 

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