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Bariatric surgery is the collective name for weight loss surgeries that aim to restrict the amount of food you can eat, enabling safe, sustainable weight loss. , Christopher Reilly, MD, FACS, Steven M. Thomas, MD, FACS, and Genna Lubrano, MD, are experts in bariatric procedures. If you’re having problems maintaining a healthy weight, book an appointment to see OakBend Medical Group using the online function, or call the clinic today.

Bariatric Surgery Q & A

What are the types of bariatric surgery?

There are several types of bariatric surgery provided at OakBend Medical Group:

  • Orbera® Intragastric Balloon
  • Lap-Band® (laparoscopic gastric band)
  • Gastric sleeve surgery
  • Gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y weight loss surgery)

The Orbera intragastric weight loss balloon and Lap-Band procedure are reversible, whereas the gastric sleeve and bypass options make permanent changes to your stomach. At your initial appointment, Dr. Reilly talks you through the options to help you decide which is the best one for you.

How does bariatric surgery help people lose weight?

Bariatric surgeries reduce the size of your stomach and therefore limit the amount of food you can eat and how much in nutrients your body can absorb. Bariatric procedures are a solution to obesity and chronic weight problems when lifestyle changes aren’t working, or if your weight is causing serious health issues.

The different techniques used in bariatric surgery give you and Dr. Reilly a range of options so you can choose the one that offers your best chance of success.

Does bariatric surgery have any benefits apart from weight loss?

Weight loss is the chief purpose of having bariatric surgery, but losing weight makes a significant difference to serious and life-threatening health conditions such as:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Severe sleep apnea
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke
  • GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or acid reflux)

Maintaining a healthy weight and being physically fit have considerable benefits for general health and well-being, and bariatric surgeries enable people whose lives are severely limited by their weight to regain their vitality.

Can anyone have bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgeries are well-established procedures that are proven to be safe and effective. However, no operation comes without risks, so it’s generally recommended for people with a BMI (body mass index) greater than 40.

You could also be suitable for bariatric surgery if your BMI is between 30 and 39.9 and you have a weight-related health problem such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Prospective patients undergo a comprehensive screening before surgery to ensure they’re a good candidate for the procedure. Dr. Reilly makes sure you’re healthy enough for the operation, and you also need to commit to leading a healthier lifestyle following your surgery.

If you feel that bariatric surgery could be the answer to your weight problems, book an appointment online or call OakBend Medical Group today.